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June 2024

Public Toilet Closure on Wednesday 5th June 2024

Please be advised that the public toilets at Summerland Road Car Park will be temporarily closed on Wednesday 5th June 2024 due to maintenance works being carried out in the adjacent car park area.

Nearest Alternative Toilets:

• Blenheim Gardens
• Quay West Car Park
• Warren Road (opposite Butlins main entrance)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure.

The public toilets will reopen and resume normal operations on Thursday 6th June 2024.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

May 2024

Craig Palmer Re-elected as Chairman and Mayor of Minehead.
At the statutory annual meeting of Minehead Town Council on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, Councillor Craig Palmer was re-elected to serve as Chairman of the Council and Mayor of Minehead for the upcoming Municipal year.

Councillor Palmer has represented Minehead on the Town Council since 2019 and served as Chairman and Mayor through the previous Municipal year. "I am honoured to be re-elected by my fellow councillors to continue leading Minehead forward," said Councillor Palmer. "We have made great strides this past year, and I look forward to building on that progress for the benefit of all our residents."

The Town Council also re-elected Councillor Anne Lawton to continue to serve as Vice Chair and Deputy Mayor for the 2024-2025 term. Councillor Lawton stated, "I'm delighted to continue in my role, working alongside the Mayor and all fellow Councillors, to protect all that is good about the town, and to develop what can be made better.”

Key priorities for the coming year include continuing with the alternative street weed control programme, improving community engagement, as well as working with Somerset Council amid their financial constraints. The Chairman and council expressed their commitment to being guided by the needs and values of Minehead's residents.

Minehead Town Council is the elected local government body representing the town. It plays a vital role in promoting the interests of the community it serves.

Minehead Town Council Allotment Plot Rental Increases
Minehead Town Council has recently written to allotment plot holders, notifying them of an increase in annual rental charges, effective October 1st, 2024. This decision has been taken to ensure the long-term sustainability and maintenance of the town's allotment sites.
The new rental rates for allotment plots will be as follows:
● Large Plots: £60.00 per year● Standard Plots: £45.00 per year● Half Plots: £30.00 per year
The increase in plot rental charges has become necessary due to cost escalations across various materials and resources required for the upkeep of allotment sites. Notably, the cost of utilities, particularly water supply, has risen considerably, as many sites rely on mains water access.
While the price increase may seem substantial, the new rates align with the national average for allotment charges. This adjustment aims to strike a balance between maintaining the allotment sites' quality and ensuring that the financial burden does not fall solely on the broader community of Minehead ratepayers.
Minehead Town Council recognises the value and importance of allotment plots for the community and aims to ensure that these cherished spaces remain well-maintained and accessible for generations to come.
For more information or enquiries, please email ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni or call 01643 707213. 

Mays Council Meetings
Please note that due to the Annual Town Public Meeting and The Annual Meeting of Minehead Town Council taking place in May, there will be changes to the meeting Structure. The Meetings held in May will be. 
Tuesday 7th May - Annual Town Public Meeting
Tuesday 14th May - Statutory Annual Meeting of Minehead Town Council
Both meetings will be held at The Community Centre, with a start time of 7:30 p.m. with all Council business for May to be conducted at The Statutory Annual Meeting of Minehead Town Council. 

April 2024

Minehead Town Council to Trial Innovative Weed Control Solution - 08/04/2024
Minehead Town Council is pleased to announce a 6-month trial of Foamstream, an innovative and environmentally-friendly method for controlling street weeds. Delivery of the Foamstream equipment took place on Monday 8th April, with it expected to be in use soon after.

This trial responds to concerns raised by residents about the need for a more sustainable way to manage weeds on streets and pavements throughout Minehead. The Council has opted to explore Foamstream as an alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides, which have raised concerns about potential impacts on human health and the environment.

Foamstream utilises hot water insulated by a biodegradable foam to effectively control weeds without the use of toxic chemicals. Residents may observe this biodegradable foam residue in areas that have been treated. The foam is an integral part of the process and acts as an insulating layer to enhance the hot water application. The Council want to assure the public that this foam is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is derived from natural plant-based sources and will dissipate on its own within approximately 30 minutes after treatment. There is no need for concern about any potential harmful effects.

"We are excited to trial this innovative, chemical-free solution for controlling street weeds," said Mayor, Councillor Craig Palmer. "Foamstream aligns with our commitment to preserving environmental health while addressing issues important to local residents."

The Council encourages residents to provide feedback on the Foamstream trial by calling the office on 01643 707213 or emailing .ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni Public input will be valuable in evaluating the effectiveness and community acceptance of this sustainable weed control approach.

For more information about Foamstream and the Town Council's commitment to sustainability, please visit https://mineheadtowncouncil.co.uk/your-council/foam-stream-trial

Minehead Town Council to Lock Blenheim Gardens Nightly - 01/04/2024
At their recent council meeting, Minehead Town Council formally resolved to take over the locking of Blenheim Gardens beginning April 1st, 2024. This one-year trial has the Town Councils inhouse amenities team assuming nightly locking responsibilities after Somerset Council could no longer fund the service due to financial constraints."Keeping Blenheim Gardens secure is important to our community," said Town Clerk, Ben Parker. "By having our staff lock up each evening, we can ensure Blenheim Gardens remain an enjoyable yet safe space for all."The new locking schedule will be:April - September: Open by 8am, Closed from 7pmOctober - March: Open by 8am, Closed from 4pmSomerset Council staff will continue opening the gardens Monday through Friday mornings, with the Town’s Amenities Team handling weekend morning openings in addition to the daily locking duties.New signage will be installed at all garden entrances to clearly notify visitors of the opening and closing times during the trial period. The town council approved budgeting for staffing costs and signage as part of this interim locking solution.Residents are encouraged to adjust their visiting times accordingly to ensure they can fully enjoy Blenheim Gardens throughout the open hours. The Town Council recognises this more structured locking approach may not be favoured by all users, but it ensures the gardens are kept secure while balancing any increased costs to taxpayers. The council remains committed to balancing public access with proper security measures."These gardens are a point of community pride," added Mr. Parker. "We're pleased to take this proactive step safeguarding them for Minehead."The one-year trial locking program will be reviewed as the town explores potential long-term solutions with Somerset Council and other stakeholders.

March 2024

Minehead Town Council Strongly Objects to Proposed Retirement Development - 15/03/2024
At an extraordinary meeting of the Minehead Town Council Planning Committee on March 12th, Councillors voted to strongly object to a proposed retirement living development at 22 The Avenue, Minehead.
The development by McCarthy Stone calls for demolishing existing retail shops and erecting a building with 35 retirement apartments, a convenience store, parking, and other amenities.
However, the Planning Committee outlined numerous material objections to the application, including:
• Lack of control measures to offset major disruption during the 2-year construction period.• Failure to address additional noise from air/ground source heat pumps in a residential area.• Increased traffic flow issues with no mitigation proposals.• Potential safety risks from delivery access to the proposed convenience store.• Lack of assessment on whether utilities can handle the increased demand.• 75% reduction in supermarket floor space compared to existing CO-OP store. • Lack of information on staffing plans for new store. • Proposed architecture not in keeping with nearby Conservation Area.• Insufficient parking compared to number of potential residents. 
Planning Committee Chair Cllr. M. Palmer said, "This proposal raises far too many concerns that have not been adequately addressed. We have no choice but to strenuously object."
The Town Council voted to formally object the application and requested the application be determined by Somerset Council’s Planning Committee. A final decision will be issued by the Somerset planning authority in the coming weeks.

February 2024

Minehead Town Council Renews Support for Local Youth Club
At its meeting on February 27th Minehead Town Council voted to renew a 3-year service agreement with Minehead Eye Youth Services to continue operating the Minehead Youth Club.
The Youth Club runs from 6p.m – 8p.m, on Monday evenings as the flagship youth program under Minehead Eye. It provides local teenagers and young people access to trained youth workers, a safe dedicated space, and engaging activities.
Paul Matcham, CEO of Minehead Eye stated: "Our successful partnership with the Town Council allows us to provide an affordable and accessible youth club. By offering a regular, structured environment, we aim to combat negative stereotypes about youth while providing education on issues like mental health, relationships, and substance abuse. Affordability is crucial for accessibility, so the Town Council’s support allows us to offer the club at just £1 per session.
Councillor Craig Palmer, Mayor of Minehead commented: "The Council is passionately committed to supporting programming that recognises the needs of all residents, especially youth. We fully recognise the immense value of Minehead Eye's youth club not just as a place for activities, but for what it provides in terms of empowerment, growth, relationships, guidance, and opportunity. By engaging and uplifting the next generation, it invests in the future of our community."
Minehead Eye is based on Mart Road in Minehead. The Youth Club welcomes any young person who’s 10 and over. For more details on this and upcoming events, contact Minehead Eye on 01643 703155 or ku.oc.eye-daehenim%40noitpecer

Minehead Town Council to Host Community Engagement Events

Minehead Town Council has announced it will be hosting a series of events in March aimed at increasing community engagement.
These public forums will provide opportunities for residents to meet with council members, discuss concerns, and learn more about local governance. The currently scheduled sessions are:
- Friday, March 8 from 10am to 12pm
- Thursday, March 14 from 12:30pm to 2pm
- Wednesday, March 20 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm
All events will take place at the Minehead Community Centre.
"We encourage all local residents to attend these engagement events," said Councillor Craig Palmer. "They provide a casual yet meaningful way to connect with your council members, share feedback, and find out more about how local government functions."

In addition to discussing issues with councillors, the forums will allow interested residents to explore getting more involved with the council themselves.
"With several council vacancies currently, these sessions are a great opportunity to learn about joining the Town Council from those already serving," Councillor Palmer said. "We hope to see an excellent turnout and exchange of ideas."
For more details on the Community Engagement Events or joining Minehead Town Council, visit www.mineheadtowncouncil.co.uk, call 01643 707213 or email ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehnim%40ofni

Cancellation of Meeting
Please note that the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting scheduled for 13 February 2024 has been cancelled. All business will be taken to the Full Council meeting on 27 February 2024.

January 2024

Press Release 2024/25 Budget
Minehead Town Council agreed its budget for 2024-2025 on January 23rd 2024. Due to the current economic backdrop both nationally and within Somerset, this has resulted in an annual increase of £36.78 (or 71p per week) for a Band D property in Minehead. Somerset Council is facing a financial emergency and cuts to non-essential services. This budget gives the Town Council the ability to step in to retain and maintain services under threat.The Council appreciates that any council tax increase may not be favoured by its residents. Unfortunately, local town and parish councils across Somerset will have to compensate for the shortfall at Somerset Council and, if they don’t, these services will cease to exist. Therefore, MTC feels this budget is a balanced and proportionate response to the unprecedented financial situation at Somerset Council. Due to the cost of living crisis, and despite suffering the consequence of increasing costs Minehead Town Council chose not to put up the precept last year. This is the first precept rise in Minehead in two years.All the money collected as a precept stays within Minehead, which benefits the local area directly. As well as ensuring the Town’s Public Toilets are well kept and all its open spaces, including play areas are well maintained, several events and projects have been budgeted for this year. These include: taking a proactive and environmentally friendly approach to street weed control; funding for town events such as The Blenheim Gardens summer concerts; the Christmas Lights switch on event; providing local groups with community grant funding and of course ensuring the town continues to look its best throughout the year with creative annual bedding displays and beautifully lit up at Christmas with stunning Christmas lighting displays. 
Response to Ian Liddell Grainger MP
Minehead Town Council is aware of comments made by its MP Ian Liddell Grainger regarding its recent budget setting process. We acknowledge that he has concerns with the increase of its precept. However, the main reason for this increase is as a response to Somerset Council’s financial emergency, and the impending cuts to non-essential services. MTC has already entered conversations with Somerset Council relating to its position in ensuring services which may be deemed non – essential to Somerset Council’s Budget, but to the residents of Minehead are considered essential including, but not limited to, the maintenance of areas like Blenheim Gardens and Parks Walk. MTC recognises its responsibility in taking a proactive approach in retaining these vital services for the town. Conscious of the difficult economic times, we have set a balanced and proportionate budget which translates as an annual increase of £36.78 (or 71p per week) for a Band D property in Minehead.    MTC’s draft budget was published in advance of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting which then recommended the budget to Full Council which then approved it. All Council meetings are open to the public. MTC’s account information is also published on its website, as per the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. Mr. Liddell Grainger has been invited to MTC’s offices to discuss any concerns he may have and inspect its accounts. This invitation is still very much open to him. The Clerk has also written to Mr. Liddell Grainger’s office to formally invite him and the Council very much look forward to welcoming him to its offices.      

December 2023

Police Funding Survey
The Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is responsible for setting the amount of money you contribute to local policing through your council tax bill (known as the ‘precept’).The precept accounts for 41% of police funding and the rest is from central Government. The Government set the maximum amount by which PCCs can increase the precept each year.The Government has not yet confirmed the maximum amount PCCs can increase the precept for next year, however it will be at least £10 for a band D household (3.8% of your council tax bill). The Government assume that PCCs will ask for the maximum allowed and use this assumption in their budget setting.Our current financial planning assumes the precept will be increased by £10 next year. Even with this assumed increase savings still need to be made. The size of the savings needed will likely result in about 250 staff roles being cut across the next few years. These cuts will have an impact on front line services such as visible policing and the ability to investigate crime.Take our surveyThe PCC wants to hear your thoughts on increasing the amount of money which goes towards policing through your council tax.Please take part in the survey, which takes about 5 minutes to complete.If you would like this survey in an alternative format please use: general enquiry form.

Public consultation on budget setting - launches today
A public consultation on the Council’s budget will launch later this afternoon.It will offer a chance for people to have their say in light of the financial emergency, which was called in November.It’s open to all, and we are encouraging our Somerset communities, residents, businesses, stakeholders, and partners to take part.The consultation highlights several discretionary services which could be redesigned, reduced, or even stopped.It goes live from today (11 December) and will close on 22 January
The link cab be found at: https://somersetcouncil.citizenspace.com/comms/budget-consultation-2024-2025/ It can also be completed in libraries and council offices across Somerset. Paper copies can be made available in the MTC office if required. 

November 2023

Somerset Rivers Authority - SRA Strategy and Flood Plan 2024-2034
Have you say on Somerset Rivers Authority's proposed new Strategy and Food Action Plan for 2024-2034Our core purpose is to reduce the risk and impacts of flooding across Somerset.Give us your views and take a part at srastrategy.co.uk by 31 December 2023. Visit www.srastrategy.co.ukFor more info please click here.

October 2023

Notice of Audit 30/09/2023The Notice of Audit and uncertified Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 22/23 are available for inspection until 1st November 2023. Please click here.
Paper copies can be viewed at the office of Minehead Town Council, 1-3 Summerland Road, Minehead, TA24 5BP during opening hours. Mon & Thurs 10am – 1pm.
Photocopies of these documents will 50p each.

June 2023

New Clerk Statement - 28/06/2023
A Full Council meeting of Minehead Town Council has confirmed Helen Nathanson as the new Council clerk. 
Due to the recent resignation of Sam Rawle (Clerk) and the imminent retirement of Bryan Howe (Deputy Clerk) there was a need to fill the role of the Clerk (Proper officer and responsible finance officer) 
Helen is an experienced Clerk and holds the CiLCA qualification, which is recognised as part of the requirement for a Council to apply for the general power of competence. She is an experienced Town Clerk having worked at a number of Town Councils in the South West including Totnes Town Council.
Helens official start date will be Tuesday 4th July 2023. This will include a comprehensive handover period with the outgoing Deputy Clerk.

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return
To see the Notice please click here
Local Authority Accounts: A Summary of your Rights
To see the Summary please click here  
Confirmation of the dates of the period for the exercise of public rights
The dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights are as follows:Commencing on Monday, 19 June 2023 and ending on Friday, 28 July 2023.

Cancellation of Meeting

Please note that the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting scheduled for 13 June 2023 has been cancelled. All business will be taken to the Full Council meeting on 27 June 2023. 

May 2023
Quirke’s Almshouse Charity - Clerk to the Trustees
The Trustees of Quirke’s Almshouse Charity are looking for a Clerk to manage the overall day to day running and administration of the Charity.
For details see "Vacancies" page.
May Bank Holiday - Waste Collections Please be aware that although Monday, 1 May 2023 is a bank holiday waste collections will be made as usual. Collections during the rest of the week will also be on their normal day.

April 2023
Change of date for Finance & Staffing Committee Meeting
Please note that the Finance & Staffing Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 11 April 2023 has now been postponed to Tuesday, 18 April 2023.

March 2023

A New Home for Minehead Museum

An appeal from the Chair of Trustees of Minehead Museum
Minehead Museum needs your feedback - Nearly 60,000 visitors have viewed the exhibits since we first opened. This is a great success story but our existing premises are too small to deliver the exhibitions and services we would like to provide. We are actively seeking new premises and fundraising is well underway. We need to identify what interests potential users of the museum, and what improvements can be made in new larger premises. This will help identify areas for development and services which could be added. The same questionnaire or variants are going out to as many local groups, schools and organisations as possible. For example if we can identify particular “access” issues such as provision of audio description for the partially sighted then we also have time to pursue targeted funding to provide such services.Our existing premises, although in a prime site, are way too small to provide a full range of displays, provide adequate storage and workroom space or to adequately accommodate class or group visits. The lack of security of tenure is the other main issue and we still remain optimistic that we can obtain new premises by March 2024.
To download Minehead Museum Consultation questionnaire please click here

Bands in Blenheim Gardens 2023

Minehead Town Council is pleased to announce that 27 of the 31 dates for Band concerts in Blenheim Gardens are now filled. The remainder will be booked in the near future. There will be music for all tastes from brass bands to rock bands. To see the programme please click here     

January 2023
Recycle your Christmas Tree
Turn your Christmas tree into mulch for next year’s flower displays – take it to the Marshfield Road compound between Thursday 5 January and Sunday 15 January 2023 inclusive between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. If closed, please leave tree outside the compound.
November 2022To see the November Neighbourhood Newsletter from Avon and Somerset Police please click here
November 2022Minehead Town Council has published "Reasons to be Cheerful" - a summary of recent achievements and proposed improvements.For details please click here
April 2022

Changing Places Toilets - Summerland Car Park

Somerset West and Taunton Council have been awarded Government funding to deliver two new Changing Places Toilets.The Council has been allocated £96,360 from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities towards the facilities in Taunton and Minehead.
The larger, accessible toilets are for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets and include specialist equipment such as hoists, curtains, adult-sized changing benches, and space for carers. One is planned in Tower Street, Taunton, and another in the Summerland Car Park, Minehead, which will be delivered by Minehead Town Council who worked in partnership with SWT to prepare the bid.
Chris Hall, Director of Place and Climate Change at SWT, said:“SWT is committed to promoting equality and improving the quality of life for everyone, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. Securing this funding means we can make a real difference to the residents and visitors who need to use our facilities and cannot use standard accessible toilets.”
A spokesperson for Minehead Town Council said:“We are very pleased to have a share of this funding which means local authorities can provide specialised toilet facilities enabling everyone to get out and about and enjoy visits to places like Minehead.”