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Community Engagement Events

Minehead Town Council is dedicated to fostering a strong connection with the local community through its ongoing Community Engagement Events. These events serve as a platform for residents to interact directly with council members, voice their concerns, and gain insights into the workings of local governance.
Designed to be casual yet meaningful, these forums encourage open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas. Residents are invited to engage in discussions with councillors, share feedback, and explore opportunities to become more involved with the council themselves. With several council vacancies currently available, these sessions offer an excellent chance to learn about joining the Town Council from those already serving.  
Minehead Town Council is committed to ensuring that these Community Engagement Events are accessible to as many residents as possible. To accommodate diverse schedules and availability, each event will be held at varying times throughout the day and on different days of the week. This approach aims to provide ample opportunities for everyone to participate. If one event doesn't align with your availability, please stay informed about future events that may better suit your schedule. The council welcomes suggestions from the community regarding preferred days and times, so feel free to share your input. The goal is to make these forums inclusive and convenient for all who wish to engage with their local Councillors. 
In addition to the valuable discussions, light refreshments will be available, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.
During June's full Council meeting, Councillors approved the Community Engagement Event Calendar for 2024-25. This new schedule features a diverse range of dates and times, aiming to maximize opportunities for resident participation throughout the year. To download the calander Please Click Here, or scroll down to view. 
Minehead Town Council looks forward to your participation and valuable input, as we continue to strengthen our community ties through these forums.