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Roadside Verge Grass Cutting

The roadside verges in Minehead are owned by Somerset Council who follow their own specification for the management of their roadside verges and can be seen if you CLICK HERE
In most towns across the county, there is a requirement for the roadside verges to be cut on a more frequent basis. In order to achieve this, the town or parish council very often need to subsidise this. 
In Minehead, the Town Council carry out monthly grass cutting during the growing season (Typically March – October) of the roadside verges. Roadside verges can provide safe habitats for a whole array of wildlife and because of this, some areas will be left to support Minehead Town Council’s own rewilding project. As with Somerset Councils grass cutting aims, these rewilding areas will not conflict with roadside safety requirements. 


For further information on this please CLICK HERE
Some people prefer to cut the roadside verge outside of their property. If it is apparent that a roadside verge has been maintained by a third party, we will not attempt to cut it unless we are otherwise notified. 
Regrettably, we are unable to cut any verges that are heavily littered, blocked by parked cars or have been made uneven by tyre tracks. If we are unable to safely access the verge on the day we are due to cut it, we won't be able to return between visits to do a one off cut. The Town Council are also unable to accommodate individual requests to collect grass clippings or provide a higher frequency of cut than what we have already committed to provide on any of the roadside verges in Minehead.