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Rewilding Project

During the next few years Minehead Town Council will be experimenting with various methods of rewilding areas of Council land to encourage biodiversity.
Insects are essential to life on earth as pollinators for food crops; composters of decaying matter; food for animals and birds.
Increases in the use of pesticides and habitat loss have resulted in the UK insect population falling by more than half since the 1970s, with flying insect populations falling by more than 60% in 20 years, research shows that over 40% of insect species worldwide are facing extinction.
Small changes to the way we all manage our public green spaces and our private gardens could create a network of insect reserves, making a huge difference to the survival of insect populations.
To learn more and to tell us what you think of this project please email: ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni or visit these links below...
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