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Roadside Weed Control In Minehead

17/05/2024: Foam Stream Trial Progressing Well in Minehead
A majority of the Minehead seafront area has now been treated as part of the town's innovative six-month foam stream trial. Over the last few weeks, the Town Council's in-house amenities team has also applied the foam treatment along Townsend Road, Alcombe Road, and into the Alcombe area.
With the first month’s trial complete, crews will continue by treating Bircham Road before shifting focus back towards the town centre. Once that area is finished, efforts will head towards the top of Parkhouse Road via Bampton Street and Poundfield Road.  Residents and visitors are asked to remain patient as this alternative weed control method allows the town to avoid using potentially harsh chemical herbicides. 
The innovative trial has received interest from other towns seeking sustainable vegetation management solutions. With four months remaining, Minehead will gather valuable data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the foam stream treatment.
Progress updates will continue as the amenities team methodically works through the town's streets in the coming months. Direct any questions or concerns to ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni, call 01643 707213 or use the feedback form at the bottom of this page

Press release dated: 08/04/2024 Foamstream Trial For Minehead
Minehead Town Council is pleased to announce a 6-month trial of Foamstream, an innovative and environmentally-friendly method for controlling street weeds. Delivery of the Foamstream equipment took place on Monday 8th April, with it expected to be in use soon after. 
This trial responds to concerns raised by residents about the need for a more sustainable way to manage weeds on streets and pavements throughout Minehead. The Council has opted to explore Foamstream as an alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides, which have raised concerns about potential impacts on human health and the environment.
Foamstream utilises hot water insulated by a biodegradable foam to effectively control weeds without the use of toxic chemicals. Residents may observe this biodegradable foam residue in areas that have been treated. The foam is an integral part of the process and acts as an insulating layer to enhance the hot water application. The Council want to assure the public that this foam is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is derived from natural plant-based sources and will dissipate on its own within approximately 30 minutes after treatment. There is no need for concern about any potential harmful effects.
"We are excited to trial this innovative, chemical-free solution for controlling street weeds," said Mayor, Councillor Craig Palmer. "Foamstream aligns with our commitment to preserving environmental health while addressing issues important to local residents."The Council encourages residents to provide feedback on the Foamstream trial by calling the office on 01643 707213 or emailing ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni. Alternatively, you can complete the below contact form. Public input will be valuable in evaluating the effectiveness and community acceptance of this sustainable weed control approach.
Our Amenities Team have been trained on the use of Foamstream and have been provided with information and handouts to assist in answering any public enquiries while using it on site. We also have information available at our offices at 3 Summerland Road.
The Town Council is committed to addressing the issue of weeds throughout the Town. In order to achieve this, the use of foamstream technology will be prioritised as the weed control measure. While initial findings is that this method is effective, it may result in the temporary presence of visible dead vegetation in some areas. Especially those which had a heavy presence of weed growth. 
Removal of Dead Vegetation
The Council will endeavour to remove any dead plant matter as soon as practical. However, we recognise that some residents may prefer to handle the removal of dead vegetation on their own residential streets. In some cases, we may be able to provide assistance with the disposal of any cleared vegetation. If contacted in advance of the removal.  
Residents who wish to take advantage of this disposal service are encouraged to contact the MTC offices using the form provided below or by the above email address or telephone number. Pre-determined factors such as amount of vegetation, time and location will need to be established in order to facilitate the collection and removal of the cleared vegetation.
The Council appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all community members as we work to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of our town through the use of this weed control methodology. Our goal is to cover as much ground as possible during this trial period.
Treatment progress
Click Here to view a map of areas treated so far (Correct as of 17th April 2024)Click Here to view a map of areas treated so far (Correct as of 16th May 2024)Click Here to view a map of areas treated so far (Correct as of 12th July 2024) 
Further Information:
For Frequently Asked Questions on Foamstream's Website please click Here
Foamstream Press Pack Foamstream Fact Sheet Information Card
If you have any feedback regarding the use of foam stream, please provide it in the short form below. We welcome all types of feedback and viewpoints. Any feedback you can offer during this trial period will be greatly appreciated, as it will help us gauge public opinion on its use. Alternatively, you can email ku.oc.licnuocnwotdaehenim%40ofni or call 01643 707213

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